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Tasting Schedule

With rare exceptions, tastings are generally on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 3 pm; exceptions are noted.  Most tastings are open to the public (up to 3 guest visits), but selected tastings may be reserved for members or have member-first enrollments.

Vaccination or negative COVID test is required for all indoor tastings!

MOBILE USERS: Please turn your phone sideways if necessary to see the entire table.

Date Topic Location Host Presenter Announce Close
January None          
February 20 Rose All Day Kathy Conn Home Kathy Conn Kathy Conn Jan 19 Feb 9
March 20 Brothers From a Different Mother Falls Village Wine and Beer Sue Ohmann Jim Soffe Feb 23 Mar 11
April 23
Reustle Prayer Rock Vineyards Wines Decker Home Al and June Decker Gloria Reustle Mar 28 Apr 15
May 15 National Tasting Project:  The Sensual Wines of Sicily Tillis/Price Home Lisa and Jeff Jeff Price Apr 20 May 6
June 19 TBA TBA TBA TBA May 24 Jun 10
July 17 TBA TBA TBA TBA Jun 22 Jul 8
August 21 TBA TBA TBA TBA Jul 20 Aug 12
September 18 TBA Spain Home Mark and Helen Mark Spain Aug 24 Sep 9
October 23 South African Wines Estate at Nimich Pond North Wake Chapter (joint tasting) TBA TBA TBA
November 20 TBA TBA Theresa Thiel Theresa Thiel Oct 26 Nov 11
December TBA          

Note:  The above schedule is tentative.  We expect most events to occur on the dates and times indicated; but if we have an "opportunity," we may preempt an event for a new topic!

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