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NOTE:  Vaccination or negative COVID test is required
for all indoor tastings!

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Food and Wine Pairing

The Triangle Chapter of the American Wine Society Presents

“The Art and Science of Wine and Food Pairing”


Sunday, December 11, 2022

(Note - second Sunday)

3:00 p.m.

Home of Renee Palmer and John McNierney

Raleigh, NC

Presenters: John and Renee

In this exceptional tasting event, we will answer the eternal question, “What food goes with what wine?”  Is there more to pairing than red wine with red meat and white wine with poultry and fish?  Is it always better to pair food and wine from the same region or country?  John and Renee have compiled some basic principles of pairing so that we will have a framework to analyze our food and consider possible wines to enhance our dining experience.  Attendees will learn some of the basic science underlying the sense of taste and smell and learn how wines can alter the perception of the food.  Finally, John and Renee will illustrate the pairing guidelines by offering a sampling of various wines and some delicious foods (snack size portion – this is not dinner).  Based on each participant’s unique perspective and biology, there may be vastly different conclusions about the best pairings, which represents the “art” of food and wine pairing.  


Wear your festive holiday attire, and for socializing after the tasting, bring a bottle of wine and/or your favorite holiday specialty dish to share. 

Please remember to label your dish if it contains : garlic, anchovies, cheese, mustard, coconut or if it is gluten-free.

Secret Santa

FOR FUN (optional):  Secret Santa Wine Gift Exchange

Three ways to participate:  Individual, Couple, or not at all.

 Bring a bottle of wine (your choice) with a cost ranging from $15 ~ $20 in a concealed wrapping to exchange – wrapping can be seasonal, conventional, elaborate or wacky – so that only you know what it is.

Your wrapped bottle will be placed on a table with everyone else’s bottles.

You will choose a numbered cork from a bowl and that will be your order for selecting the bottle you get to take home. No peeking, but the higher the number the better options you have.

The first person/couple gets to choose from all the bottles and each successive person/couple can choose from the table of bottles or from one that has already been selected by someone else.

If your bottle is “stolen” you get to pick a new bottle.

When all bottles are distributed, the big reveal happens and you get to see what you take home.

Individuals bring one and take one;  Couples bring one and take one;  and for those who opt not to play, you go home empty-handed.

Remember it’s all in the packaging so make it tempting to choose!



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We look forward to seeing you there!



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