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The following process, updated for 2024 by the Board, ensures that everyone gets an equal opportunity to register for our tastings, regardless if you are a guest, member, or even a board member.

  1. Reservations for each tasting are confirmed solely by receipt of payment.  No verbal or email reservations will be accepted as confirmed.
  2. No reservations can be made prior to the emailing of the event announcement.
  3. The event announcement email will be sent out approximately 3-1/2 weeks prior to the event date.
  4. The first week-and-a-half of the registration period will be reserved for members only (a benefit of being a member of our chapter), after which the registration process will be open the guests.
  5. People are allowed to communicate with the Secretary by phone or email to see if the event is full, but only receipt of their payment will confirm their reservation.
  6. Most events are open to members and guests, but a few tastings may be reserved for members only.  Members get several days advance notice over guests for event registration.
  7. Directions to the tasting will be sent out to confirmed attendees typically on the Wednesday before the event.
  8. CANCELLATION POLICY:  You may cancel without forfeiting your payment if you do so by the registration due date. After that date, the money will have been committed for wine and cannot be refunded. You may, however, send someone in your place.

Many of our tastings are held at members' homes, with a typical maximum capacity of 24 people.  Occasionally we can use a clubhouse, wine store, or other venue with a larger capacity.

When we hold our events anywhere that sells wine (as we do occasionally), we are unable to bring in our own wine to share after the tasting, and ovens to heat food are rare.  For insurance reasons, we are unable to hold tastings at non-members' homes.

We maintain two mailing lists:  Members and Guests.  Members are people who have paid the current year's membership in the national American Wine Society, live in the Triangle area, and have registered our triangle chapter as either their first or second preference on the AWS national WEB site. Guests are either non-members of AWS who have expressed interest in being notified of our monthly tastings or AWS members that have not declared the triangle chapter as their first or second preference on the national AWS WEB site. Non-AWS guests may attend up to three tastings before being required to join national AWS to continue to attend.  Previous members of AWS are not eligible to attend as guests, though they may choose to stay on the guest list to keep up with what we are doing.  On rare occasions, an event may be restricted to members only.

To join our guest list or be dropped from it, see the link on the main page.