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The following wine tastings from previous years are maintained here for tracking and historical purposes.

Date Topic Location Host Presenter Announce Close
Jan 20 Wines of the Rhone: North vs. South Lochside Clubhouse
Theresa Thiel
Tom Jones
Jeff Purse December 27 January 11
Feb 10
(2nd Sunday)
Terroir - What is it and Does it Matter? Porter Home
Melissa Porter
Isaac Porter
Melissa Porter
Isaac Porter
January 21 February 1
Mar 17 Triangle Chapter AWS Wine Dinner Bogdanski Home
Pat Bogdanski
Ed Bogdanski
Ed Bogdanski February 20 March 8
Apr 14 A Wine Tour of Argentina and Chile -
Comparing Their Principal Wines!
Palmer-McNeirney Home
Renee Palmer
John McNeirney
Ira Blumenthal March 20 April 5
May 19 Surprising Slovenia Spain Home
Helen Spain
Mark Spain
Mark Spain April 24 May 10
Jun 9
(2nd Sunday)
The Fascinating Secret Behind Cru Beaujolais Weeks Home
Brenda Weeks Brenda Weeks
Scheryl McDavid
May 22 May 31
Jul 21 ... canceled ... rescheduled for 1/9/20 ...          
Aug 18 The Wine Regions of France: What Makes French Wines the Best? Lochside Clubhouse
Theresa Thiel
Tom Jones
Theresa Thiel July 24 August 9
Sep 15 AWS National Tasting Project:
The Terroir of Napa Valley -
The Making of Exceptional Wine
Tillis-Price Home
Lisa Tillis
Jeff Price
Jeff Price August 21 September 6
Oct 20 The "A" list of the "B" list of Italian wines - Brachetto, Barbera, Bardolino, Barbaresco, Barolo, Brunello Ward Farm - Eno River Vineyards
Cathy Ward
Jim Ward
Jim Ward September 25 October 11
Nov 17 The Wines of Costco Glass Home
Karen Glass
Carter Glass
Carter Glass October 23 November 8
Dec 15 California Red Blends Brack Home
Kathy Brack
Fred Brack
Fred Brack November 20 December 6
Date Topic Location Host Presenter Announce Close
Jan 21 Valpolicella & Amarone Glass Home, Raleigh Carter & Karen Glass Carter Glass Dec 27 Jan 12
Feb 25
(4th Sunday)
Wines From the Loire Valley Porter Home, Raleigh Isaac & Melissa Porter Queen of Wines Jan 31 Feb 16
Mar 18 Triangle Chapter AWS Wine Dinner Palmer Home, Raleigh John McNeirney
Renee Palmer
TBA Feb 21 Mar 9
Apr 15 Dare to Cross That Bridge? Kingery Home, Wake Forest Mary Kingery Andy Woolgar, CEO,
Rickety Bridge Winery
(South Africa)
Mar 21 Apr 6
May 20 Spanish Wines Ward Farm, Durham Jim & Cathy Ward Jim Ward Apr 21 May 11
Jun 24
(4th Sunday)
Budget Wines From Bordeaux Woodcroft Community Center Ira & Violette Blumenthal Ira Blumenthal May 30 Jun 15
Jul 15 Wine and Swine In The Summertime Price/Tillis Home, Zebulon Jeff Price
Lisa Tillis
Jeff Price Jun 20 Jul 6
Aug 19 Exploring Italian Wines Lochside Clubhouse in Durham Theresa Thiel and Tom Jones Theresa Thiel Jul 25 Aug 10
Sep 16 Tour Of Portugal
AWS National Tasting
Price/Tillis Home Lisa Tillis & Jeff Price Jeff Price Aug 22 Sep 7
Oct 21 Sherry, Can You Come Out Tonight? Spain Home, Raleigh Mark & Helen Spain Mark Spain Sep 26 Oct 12
Nov 11
(2nd Sunday)
GSM:  Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre Brack Home, Raleigh Fred & Kathy Brack Fred Brack Oct 22 Nov 2
Dec 16 Chapter Wine Party (Members Only) Palmer/McNeirney Home John and Renee None Nov 21 Dec 7






Announcement Date

Registration Close Date

January 15

3:00 p.m.

Southern Hemisphere Cabernet Sauvignon

Triangle Wine Company (Morrisville)

Helen/Mark Spain

Triangle Wine Company

December 21

January 6


February 12

4:00 p.m.

Wines of Alsace

Porter Home


Melissa/Isaac Porter

Queen of Wines

January 18

February 3

March 19

6:00 p.m.

Wine Dinner

(Members Only)




February 22

March 10

April 23

4:00 p.m.

Dr. Konstantin Frank Wines

Kingery Home (Wake Forest)

Mary Kingery

Ira Blumenthal

March 29

April 14

NOTICE FOR ABOVE TASTING:  This is a special event:  The 50th Anniversary of the American Wine Society.

May 21

4:00 p.m.

Wines of Chile

Ward Farm (Durham)

Cathy / Jim Ward

Vine Connection

April 26

May 12

June 18

4:00 p.m.

Dry Riesling

The Preserve

(Wake Forest)

Sue Ohmann


Mark Spain

May 24

June 9

July 16

4:00 p.m.

Surfing California for Summer Wines

Tillis/Price Home


Lisa Tillis/Jeff Price

Jeff Price

June 21

July 7

August 20

4:00 p.m.

Wines of Burgundy The Preserve Sue Ohmann / Roger Johnson Jerzy Buczak

July 26

August 11

September 17

4:00 p.m.

National Tasting (Organic, Sustainable, and Biodynamic Wines)

The Preserve

(Wake Forest)

Mark / Helen Spain

Mark Spain

August 23

September 8

October 15

4:00 p.m.

Bordeaux Blanc

Spain Home


Helen/Mark Spain

Tommy Goff

September 20

October 6

November 19

4:00 p.m.



Brack Home


Kathy/Fred Brack

Fred Brack

October 25

November 10

December 17

4:00 p.m.

Washington State Wines

Woodcroft Community Room (Durham)

Sue Ohmann

Ira Blumenthal

November 22

December 8

Date Topic Location (Raleigh unless specified) Host Presenter(s)

Announcement Date

Latest Registration

January 17
3:00 pm
Contemporary Blends Triangle Wine Company (Morrisville) Ira & Violette Blumenthal Karen Stapleton
Tasting Notes
12-23-15 1-08-16
February 21
4:00 pm
French Sampler (Wine/Food Pairing) Porter Home (Durham) Melissa/Isaac Porter Queen of Wines 1-20-16 2-12-16
March 20
6:00 pm
Wine Dinner (Members only)
Cave 1912 (Raleigh) NA NA 2-24-16 3-11-16
April 17
4:00 pm
Unusual Boutique Handcrafted Italian Wines Buenzli Home
(Wake Forest)
Mary Kay Buenzli Marilyn Tilley (Piedmont Wine Imports) 3-23-16 4-08-16
May 15
4:00 pm
Grenache Ward Farm
Cathy/Jim Ward Jim Ward 4-20-16 5-06-16
June 26
4:00 pm
Wines of Lodi Spain Home (Raleigh) Helen & Mark Spain Tommy Goff 6-01-16 6-17-16
July 24
4:00 pm
Celebrity Wines Tillis/Price Home (Zebulon) Lisa Tillis/Jeff Price Jeff Price 6-29-16 7-15-16
August 21
4:00 pm
National Tasting
(Rhone Rangers)
The Preserve (Wake Forest) Jenny Brews Mark Spain 7-27-16 8-12-16
September 18
4:00 pm
Portuguese Wines Woodcroft Community Center (Durham) Kathy Conn Kathy Conn 8-24-16 9-09-16
October 16
4:00 pm
Wines to pair with Halloween Candy Bogdanski Home
(Wake Forest)
Pat & Ed Bogdanski Ed Bogdanski 9-21-16 10-07-16
November 20
4:00 pm
Last Bottle - Purchasing Wines by Mail Brack Home
(North Raleigh)
Kathy/Fred Brack Fred Brack 10-26-16 11-11-16
December 18
3:00 pm
Holiday Party The Preserve (Wake Forest) TBD NA 11-23-16 12-09-16
Date Topic Location (Raleigh unless specified) Host Presenter(s)

Announcement Date

Latest Registration

January 18 Winter Wines Triangle Wine Company Mark/Helen Spain Karen Stapleton 12-24-14 1-14-15
February 15
(Valentines day weekend)
Wine and Chocolate Moncsko Home
Bob/Cindy Moncsko Bob Moncsko
How to Pair
Tasting List
Wine/Choc. Paring Matrix
Trivia Quiz
1-21-15 2-06-15
March 14 Wine Dinner (Members only) Zinda
(Downtown Raleigh)
Zinda Zinda
Dinner Menu
2-18-15 3-06-15
April 19 Greek Wines Buenzli Home
(Wake Forest)
Mary Kay Buenzli Ira Blumenthal
Greek Wines
3-25-15 4-10-15
April 26 Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Tasting Peak Olive Oil Company (Cary) Bob Moncsko Sandra Reynolds
Balsamics & oils
Peak Olive Oil Co.
4-06-15 4-24-15
May 17 Costières de Nîmes Wines Ward Farm
Cathy/Jim Ward Jim Ward
Tasting List
4-22-15 5-08-15
June 21
(Fathers Day)
Cider/Perry Buczak Home
(North Raleigh)
Shirley/Jerzy Buczak Jerzy Buczak
Tasting List
5-27-15 6-12-15
July 19 Wagner Family of Wines Woodcroft (Durham) Ira Blumenthal & Mark & Helen Spain Tommy Goff
Tasting List
6-24-15 7-10-15
August 16 National Tasting
(Austrian & Hungarian Wines) Joint / North Wake
The Preserve
(Wake Forest)
Susan/Bob Mark Spain
Tasting List
7-22-15 8-07-15
September 20 Napa Wines
CA. vs France
The Preserve Kathy Conn Kathy Conn
Wine List
CA vs FR Presentation
8-26-15 9-11-15
October 18 Pinot Noir Spain Home
(North Raleigh)
Helen/Mark Spain Mark Spain
Wine Desc.
9-23-15 10-09-15
November 15 Barolo vs. "Barolo of the South"
Brack Home
(North Raleigh)
Kathy/Fred Brack Jim Ward
Wine List
Wine Presentation and WEB Links
10-21-15 11-06-15
December 13 Sparkling Wines Glass Home (Raleigh) Karen/Carter Glass Carter Glass 11-18-15 12-04-15
Date Topic Location (Raleigh unless specified) Host Presenter(s)

Latest Registration

January 19 Amateur Wines Bogdanski Home (Wake Forest) Pat/Ed Bogdanski Amateur Winemakers 1-10-14
February 16 Bordeaux Triangle Wine Company Helen/Mark Spain Triangle Wine Company
March 16 Wine Dinner (Members only) 18 Seaboard (Raleigh) 18 Seaboard 18 Seaboard
Dinner Menu
April 13 Wine Components Moncsko Home (Cary) Cindy/Bob Moncsko Bob Moncsko
(Extended from 4-4-14)
May 18 Wines of the Veneto Buenzli Home (Wake Forest) Mary Kay Buenzli Ira Blumenthal Tasting_List
June 15 Varietal Tasting
Chenin Blanc
Ward Farm (Durham) Cathy/Jim Ward Jim Ward
Tasting List
July 20 Eastern European Wines Buczak Home (North Raleigh) Shirley/Jerzy Buczak Jerzy Buczak
Tasting List
August 17 National Tasting (Spanish Wines) The Preserve (Wake Forest) Sue Ohmann & Harold Huskins Mark Spain
Tasting List
Region Map
September 21 Picnic Lynch Creek Farm (Kittrell, NC) Lynch Creek Farm BYO-W
Dinner Menu
October 19 "The Grape Unknown" Spain Home  (North Raleigh) Helen/Mark Spain Mark Spain
Tasting List
November 16 Cabernets
"From Around the World"
Brack Home  (North Raleigh) Kathy/Fred Brack Fred
Tasting List
December 14 Holiday Party The Preserve (Wake Forest) Carter & Karen Glass BYO-W 12-5-14
Date Topic Location (Raleigh unless specified) Host Presenter
January 20 Red Blends The Bracks, N Raleigh Bracks Fred Brack
February 17 Port Triangle Wine Company, Morrisville
  Jim Ward
March 17 Wine Dinner
Members Only
Capris, Sutton Square, N Raleigh   Capris
April 21 $20 or Less The Buczaks, N Raleigh Buczaks Jerzy Buczak
May 19 Barbera The Ward Vineyard and Farm, Durham Wards Jim Ward
June 23 Italian Wines Wine 101 (new location on Duraleigh Rd)   Joe O'Keefe
July 21 Red, White, and Blue (Wines) The Spains Spains Mark Spain
August 18 Biodynamic Wines SIP... A Wine Store, Cary Butlers April Schlanger
September 22 National Rhone Tasting
(click for details)
Members Only
The Preserve, Wake Forest Spains Jim Ward
October 20 Wines of the Piedmont (IT) The Preserve, Wake Forest Goffs Tommy Goff
November 17 Burgundy Without Busting the Budget The Spains, N Raleigh Spains Mark Spain
December 15 Petite Sirah The Bracks, N Raleigh Bracks Fred Brack
Date Subject Location (Raleigh unless specified) / Host Presenter
Dec 18, 2011 - Members Only Holiday Party for Members The Cypress none
January 12 - Members Only Wine Dinner St Jacques, North Ridge Lil Lacassagne
February 19 Old World, New World Buczaks Jerzy
March 18 Syrah/Shiraz Bracks Fred
April 15 Tuscany Spains Mark
May 20 Grüner Veltliner and other Austrian Delights Ward Farm and Vineyard, Durham Jim
June 17 South Africa The Preserve (Wake Forest) Bob Butler
July 15 Rosé Bogdanskis (Wake Forest) Ed
August 19 National Tasting - Pinot Noir
In Memory of Charles Buenzli
The Preserve (Wake Forest) Mark
September 23 The Influence of France on Southern Hemisphere Wines Whole Foods (N Raleigh) David Faircloth, Whole Foods
October 21 New Zealand Westgate Wines / Bogdanski Chrish Peel
November 18 CA Cabs The Wine Feed; host:  Porters Wine Feed
December 9 High-End Champagne Glasses Todd McGowan

Date Subject Location (Raleigh unless specified) / Host Presenter
January 16 Vertical, Hickory Hill Cab Sauvignon Clubhouse at The Preserve / Buenzli Roger Furrow, Winemaker
February 27 - all seats filled by members Alsatian Buczaks Buczak
March 20 - all seats filled by members Mollydooker Wines Bracks Brack
April 17 Zinfandel Clubhouse at The Preserve / Goff Goff
May 15 Lesser Known Varietals Wards at the Vineyard / Farm in Durham Ward
June 12 (new date) Italian White Wines Wine 'n Things Goff
July 17 Picnic Wines Vogel/Jordan Goff
August 21 Loire Valley Preserve / Bob Butler Butler
September 18 National Tasting:  Merlot Preserve / Goff Goff
October 16 Mediterranean Wines Uncorked, Raleigh / Goff Tony from Uncorked
November 20 Beaujolais Spains Spain
December 18 - members only Chapter Party The Cypress, Raleigh Members Only
Date Subject Location (Raleigh unless specified) / Host Presenter
January 17 Wines of Sicily Alta Oakridge / Goff T Goff
February 21 Value Wines Alta Oakridge / Brack F Brack
March 21 Beyond the Port of Portugal Alta Oakridge / Buczak J Buczak
April 18 Wines of South Africa Barley & Vine / Kotlas J King
May 16 TNT:  Touriga, Norton, Tannat (varietals) The Ward Farm, Durham / Ward J Ward
June 20 Spanish Whites Total Wine and More, N Raleigh TWM
July 18 The Wines of Bodegas López De Heredia Apex Beverage Company Apex
August 15 New Zealand Wine 101, Wake Forest / Bogdanski J O'Keefe
September 19 National Tasting:  South America A Step to Gold (6278 Glenwood Ave) / Goff T Goff
October 17 Oktoberfest The Buenzlis / Buenzli C Buenzli
November 14 High End Tasting The Bracks / The Bracks D Parsons
December 19 Grape Based Spirits The Spains, The Spains The Spains
Date Subject Location (Raleigh unless specified)
January 18 Chatham Hill Wines Chatham Hill Winery, Morrisville
February 15 Chile and Chili The Bogdanskis, Wake Forest
March 22 Washington State Wines The Spains, N Raleigh
April 19 Chardonnay:  New World vs Old World The Morans, Durham
May 17 Petit(e) Wines
[Grapes that begin with Petit(e)]
The Ward Farm, Durham
June 14 Organic Wines Whole Foods, Cary
July 19 Fruit-Based Wines The Ward Farm, Durham
August 16 AWS National Tasting - Zin Alta Oakridge Apts, Raleigh
September 20 Mondavi and Mondovino (video shown during the tasting) Alta Oakridge Apts, Raleigh
October 18 Rhône and Cassoulet Alta Oakridge Apts, Raleigh
November 22 Israeli and Lebanese Wines The Bracks, N Raleigh
or Alta Oakridge*
December 13 Sparkling Wines The McNeirney/Palmers
or Alta Oakridge*
Date Subject Location (Raleigh unless specified)
January 20 Southern Italy The Shanks
February 17 Northern Italy The Buczaks
March 16 Virginia Stonehenge Clubhouse
April 20 South Africa The Bracks
May 18 Finger Lakes (NY) Eno River Vineyards, Durham
June 22 Southern France The Spains
July 20 Pinot Noir Around the World Total Wine & More, Capital Blvd
August 17 National Riesling Tasting The Shanks
September 21 Paso Robles Tarheel Wine Traders, Youngsville
October 19 Texas Wines The Ohmans
November 16 Los Vinos Tintos de España The Buczaks
December 14 High End Wines (members have priority) The Bracks, with Doug Parsons
Date Subject Location
January 21 Grenache Based Wines Stonehenge Clubhouse, Raleigh
February 11 Oregon Wines The Spains, Raleigh
March 18 Red Zins The Bracks, Raleigh
April 15 Cabernet and Chocolate The Shanks/Kotlases, Raleigh
May 20 Malbec The Wards Vineyard, Durham
June 10 Alsatian Wines Stonehenge Clubhouse, Raleigh
July 15 Wine, Swine, and Beer The McDavids, Wake Forest
August 19 Summer Wines The Buczaks
September 16 AWS National Syrah Tasting Stonehenge Clubhouse, Raleigh
October 21 Halloweins and Hayrides The Wards Vineyard, Durham
November (canceled - no tasting)  
December 16 Sherry The Bracks, Raleigh
Date Subject Location
January 8 Robust Reds - Bring Your Own
(by invitation only -- all others open)
Stonehenge Clubhouse, N Raleigh
February 12 Rhone Wines The Hunsickers, N Raleigh
March 12 Pinots from Around the World The Bracks, N Raleigh
April 9 German Wines The Buczaks, N Raleigh
May 7 Australian Wines The Wards, Durham
June 10/11 Mead Wines The Wards, Durham
July 16 South American Wines April & George Art Bar and Wine Gallery, Raleigh
August 13 Loire Valley Wines The Spains, N Raleigh
September 10 Sauvignon Blancs (National Tasting) Stonehenge Clubhouse, N Raleigh
October 15 Northwest Italian Wines The McDavids, Wake Forest
November 12 Dessert Wines The Bodanskis, Wake Forest
December 10 Non-Champagne Sparking Wines Tarheel Wine Traders, Youngsville
Date Subject Location
January 9 Port Old Raleigh Village clubhouse
February 13 Robust Reds The Buczaks, Raleigh
March 6 Austrian Wines The Dautlicks, Durham
April 3 The Wines of Bordeaux, with Murray Gould The Bracks, Raleigh
May 15 Chambourcin The Wards, Durham
June 5 NC Winery Tour Haw River Valley
July 10 Any Whites but Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc The Englerts, Cary
August 7 Rate the Ratings (we'll rate some wines already rated by professional tasters) The Whitleys, Raleigh
September 11 Pinot Noir The Bracks, Raleigh
October 9 Red Zinfandels The Spains, Raleigh
November 13 Wines of Spain April&George Art Bar and Wine Gallery, Raleigh
December 4 Sparkling Wines Chapel Hill Wine Company
Date Subject Location
January 4 Value Reds Dautlick
February 8 North Carolina Wines Ward
March 7 Northern California Wines Heath
April Attend Great Grapes Festival Cary
May 16 Introduction to White Wine The Englerts, Cary
June 26 Winery Tour and Tasting Chatham Hill Winery
July 11 Rose The Englerts, Cary
August 8 Grillin' and Chillin' The Snovers, Chapel Hill
September 12 National Merlot Tasting Stonehenge Clubhouse
October 10 Introduction to Red Wine Dautlick, Durham
November 7 Holiday Wines The Englerts, Cary
December 5 Sparkling Wines The Bracks, Raleigh