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The following suggestions are offered as guidelines for people who lead presentations for us at wine tastings of the Triangle chapter.  Updated January 2023.

We appreciate your offer to present wines very much!  Some of you will be professionals in the wine industry, while many of you will simply be wine lovers leading us in a discussion of some favorite wines or regions.  In either case, we want to offer you some guidance to help make your presentation well received -- and to provide a backup plan in case you have an emergency situation which prevents you from coming.

You may wish to use our Wine Tasting Cost Spreadsheet to make sure you stay within budget for the tasting.

We would appreciate your taking the following steps to make your presentation successful:


Please note:  If you intend to charge us a fee, you must let us know how much up front.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact a board member.  Thank you!