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NOTE:  Hosts must be able to accommodate at least 24 guests at their home or chosen venue! 

The following suggestions are offered as guidelines for hosts who offer their homes for wine tastings of the Triangle chapter, or who act as hosts at other locations for us.  PRINT THIS PAGE and use the checklists!  Last Updated April 15, 2023 to add photo following; and previously to revise hosting reimbursement to "actual expenses up to $2 per attendee."

A place setting
The items you should be supplying at a tasting
(If you are the presenter, use this Evaluation Chart Template)

A host is expected to provide the following:

Host to Provide ...
  Tableware (plates, utensils, napkins) for each person attending (recommended:  good quality plastic ware for plates and utensils, plus something to hold the utensils - please include full-size plates)
  Napkins (cocktail size or other to use at tables during the tasting AND some full-size ones to place in the bread baskets)
  Water (individual bottles, or glasses plus either pitchers or larger bottles of water)
  Bread cut into cubes or small pieces, or plain crackers; mild cheese optional (Harris Teeter is an excellent place to buy freshly-sliced French Baguettes; about one for every eight people)
  Corkscrews (these may or may not be passed along by the chapter)
  Especially for non-home locations
  • A kitchen washcloth or sponge
  • Towel or paper towels
  • Several kitchen trash bags
  • Boxes for empty wine bottles

BRING the following items, all supplied by the chapter - obtain from previous host.

Provided by the Chapter ...
  Wine glasses (usually two cases)
  Wine discard containers (a box of six)
  Bread baskets (usually packed with the discard containers)
  Tablecloths (usually packed with the discard containers)
  Name tags and pens (in the green case) (be sure to check the supply of name tags in advance; and if you like, you can preprint the name tags based on a list of names you get from the Secretary)
  Blank tasting evaluation sheets, though preprinted sheets may be prepared by the presenter (see customizable wine evaluation chart)

Hosts are reimbursed actual expenses up to $2 per attendee by the Treasurer after the event and the host(s) still need to pay the tasting fee toward the cost of the wine, etc.  The Presenter is NOT charged a tasting fee.

If you are hosting a sit-down tasting, try to arrange the seating such that the facilitator can stand in such a position as to address all the attendees simultaneously -- if possible! 

For Any Away-From-Home Location

Here are some tips for when you are hosting away from your home.

After the Event

You are responsible for washing and repackaging the wine glasses and wine discard containers (OK, spittoons).  You and the next host should coordinate pickup of these materials.  If the next host agrees to take the wine glasses directly from your tasting, make sure each wine glass used at the tasting is rinsed at the tasting and placed bowl up in the box, so the next host knows which ones to wash!  Clean glasses should always be stored bowl down.  If you have hosted at a commercial location, please clean up and leave the facility in the same condition (or better) in which you found it ... so they'll allow us to come back in the future!

If you have any questions about hosting, contact a board member.

For Your Reference:  American Wine Society's Insurance Program